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We integrate those to work more closely together and enhance the results of each channel. By managing these channels together, the greater the results for the brand.
Our commerce transformation process

Amazon Marketplaces

Our award-winning creative and marketing team goes to work designing and developing your new site with performance as our top priority.
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Step 1

Platform Selection

We help you identify and build on a leading eCommerce platform that best suits your company’s needs.
Step 2

Technology Consultation

Our team helps you identify and integrate leading technologies into the platform that will best serve the brand’s overall objectives.
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Step 3


We specialize in complex integrations and customizations to help your organization succeed.
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We employ exceptional content strategization and writing techniques to produce superior content that gets your brand to rank at the top of Google for research intent keyword phrases, develop authority through educational materials, boost paid media and email performance and improve SEO effectiveness overall.

Paid Media

We utilize media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and Display to drive net new customers who display clear purchase intent to your site.

SEO & Content

We utilize first-rate SEO practices to drive high purchase intent traffic to category pages, product pages, resources and other vital on-site destinations.
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We use industry-leading email marketing technology, strategy, copy and design to improve conversions in the highest ROI marketing channel for premier eCommerce brands.


We consult on best practices and manage technology to improve retention rates through SMS, Facebook Messenger, Loyalty programs and more.

Paid Media

Using the same paid media process, we drive repeat purchases through retargeting, customer lists and other essential strategies through the same media channels.
Our proven methods & expertise

Why commerce transformation?

It’s scientifically proven that the more channels a brand entrust to be managed by us, the more substantial their return on investment from our fees becomes. With a new website project–through us or externally–the ROI on our services and marketing channels improves dramatically.
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Effects of Covid-19

To utilise this opportunity, online retailers are expected to test and enhance their supply chains, order management, fulfilment processes and deliveries to meet the growing demand and exceed customers’ expectations.

Young Population

This is an amazing opportunity for businesses to be present where the youth are, and to leverage this large technologically savvy youth population to showcase their products and services to them.

Era of Data

Data is vital, it is at the cornerstone of every business decision. More than ever, businesses in the world are understanding and recognizing the importance of data.

Our technology stack

Best eCommerce technology

We work with the best eCommerce technology the industry has to offer. On the right is a sample of technology we leverage for our clients.

We make global selling easy for Amazon sellers

Logistics Plus is experienced at helping Amazon Sellers with their global logistics needs, which is why we are a part of the Amazon Global Selling Solutions Provider Network.

As a trusted solutions provider, our services come highly recommended among many Amazon Seller communities. Whether you need competitive international shipping rates; customs brokerage; FBA prep and storage; help with taxes, compliance, or documents; warehousing and fulfillment support; or assistance with managing returns – Logistics Plus has you covered!

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