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Increase in Revenue


Increase in Transactions


Increase in Sessions

The Project

Gerber Childrenswear is a leading marketer of infant and toddler apparel and related products in the marketplace – which it offers under its flagship licensed brand, Gerber. The company is the leading provider of these products to volume retailers, and also distributes to department stores and specialty retailers.

The Challenge

Gerber is obviously a well-known name when it comes to children’s products. The Gerber Products Company has been around for almost a century, with one of the most iconic brand logos out there. However, that global recognition wasn’t translating to Gerber Childrenswear’s eCommerce site. Gerber Childrenswear was selling products continuously to large retailers, but their direct to consumer channel wasn’t moving products.

The company decided that it was time to change things up. Their current situation wasn’t working, so they decided to overhaul their direct to consumer business. They started by switching their eCommerce platform from Magento to Shopify Plus. Their previous site was outdated and convoluted. It provided a poor user experience – with over 5 steps in their checkout process. The company called upon eHouse Studios to build their new Shopify Plus site.

However, the company recognized that their overhaul didn’t stop with a new website design. They knew that they needed a way to drive traffic to the site. They saw that they could accomplish this through a comprehensive search marketing strategy. Their previous search marketing agency had no experience in eCommerce marketing. They then called upon Visiture to handle both their site migration and future search marketing campaigns.

Our Tactics and Goals

Going into our partnership, Gerber had some lofty goals. This new site had to drive customer acquisition and sales. They turned to our expertise on the best way to do so. We used a combination of organic and paid search, as well as social media, in order to bring in traffic and convert them into customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Gerber Childrenswear knew that they could use search engines to bring in funnel traffic – they just didn’t have the best practices in hand to implement. They wanted to be able to drive more qualified traffic to their site, increase their keyword rankings and ultimately drive more revenue. They also needed to make sure that there was a smooth transition to their new Shopify Plus site.

When the company brought on Visiture, our SEO team immediately went to work completing a thorough technical SEO audit and a backlink audit. We found an abundance of issues immediately. Their site was not optimized for SEO and their keyword rankings were continuing to drop. Their outdated Magento instance was riddled with technical SEO flaws and the company had no content marketing strategy in place. After reviewing our findings, we broke down the project into two phases: Technical SEO and Content Marketing.

Technical SEO

As previously stated, the company’s site was full of technical SEO errors. They had a non-flat site architecture, numerous 404 errors, and their refinement pages were being indexed in Google.

With a migration to Shopify Plus in their future, we decided to focus solely on their new site. We worked on migrating their data over to the new Shopify Plus site. We then worked on the company’s on-page optimization for their category pages – working off of our keyword research, we reworked their URLs, meta titles, meta descriptions, and H1 tags.

Content Marketing

We also worked on helping the company implement a content marketing strategy to drive backlinks and rank for research queries.

After we completed our discovery process, our content teams went to work creating both on-site and off-site content. The on-site content was placed on the company’s blog and contained a strong inner linking strategy to their category and product pages. The content that we created for off-site content was then pitched to external sites with a high domain authority and relevance.

SEO Results

Aome tremendous gains in their organic search over the past year, including:


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Transactions


Increase in Sessions

Paid Search

Going into our partnership, Gerber Childrenswear had been using PPC to try to drive traffic to their site. However, it had not proven to be extremely effective. They knew that they needed to capture traffic from potential customers searching for Gerber’s products, but didn’t have the skill set or time to effectively manage their PPC. When they brought on Visiture’s PPC team, they outlined several goals – to reduce wasted spend, drive higher customer acquisition and increase their revenue from PPC.

Our PPC team advised them to run advertising on the following: Google Search Engine, Google Shopping, Bing Search Engine, Bing Shopping, and retargeting ads. The first thing that our team did once we took over management was to make sure that all the company’s conversion tracking was set up properly and was accurately tracking. We then worked on expanding the company’s exposure in Google & Bing Shopping by optimizing their product data and product feed. In addition, our team restructured their account by building out granular search campaigns around Gerber branded keywords.

Paid Search Results

Some tremendous gains in their paid search over the past year, including:


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Impressions


Increase in Clicks


Increase in Users


Increase in Conversions

Paid Social

Prior to our partnership, Gerber Childrenswear had some success in their social advertising, but ultimately needed more strategic management that aligned with their goals. Our first initiative was to complete a detailed audit of their paid social channels. In doing so, we identified several key areas in need of improvement.

For example, a majority of their ad campaigns were being optimized for the traffic objective, not actual conversions on their site. In addition, there were too many campaigns running and too few creative within ad sets. Under these circumstances, the company was reducing the ability of Facebook’s algorithm to optimize effectively and risking ad fatigue.

In beginning the process of reconstructing their account, our primary goal was to increase conversions on-site and ROAS. We focused on organizing campaigns, choosing objectives that would drive them closer to their goals, targeting relevant audiences and diversifying creative. This formula was key in producing the right results for our client.

Choosing Relevant Objectives and Audiences

With a focus of maximizing purchases, we chose the conversions objective. The same philosophy applies to their audiences. To ensure we targeted more segmented audiences, we made clear distinctions in prospecting and retargeting audiences, breaking each type of audience into more granular audience segments, while excluding one audience from the other.

Diversifying Ad Copy and Images

It’s important that Facebook’s algorithm is provided sufficient creative to test which ad resonates best with the target audience. We placed a max of five ads in each ad set with unique ad copy. We then tested which ad copy and images performed best and used those as a model for future ads. Each ad was linked to the website product pages that Gerber Childrenswear wanted to increase visibility for. After campaigns were optimized, we could better track and leverage learnings on specific product categories.

Paid Social Results

As a result of these actions, Gerber Childrenswear saw tremendous gains in their paid social over the past year, including:


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Purchases


Decrease in Cost per Sale


Decrease in Spend


Over the past year, Gerber has seen tremendous growth in their direct to consumer channel. By overhauling their strategy, they were able to increase their sales and revenue. They found that by combining their SEO and PPC, they saw better results and higher click through rates due to searchers having more trust in them and having more real estate on the SERP. Thanks to a better user experience and website design, they were then able to convert the traffic that their search engine marketing campaigns were sending to the site.

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